The TRIZ business has run out of steam. Nobody buys the TRIZ soft anymore. Nobody buys the TRIZ books anymore. Nobody needs the TRIZ consultants anymore. But they need money to live. What, go begging ? They are not so unresourceful ! Darrell Mann, Simon de Wulf, Boris Zlotin, and Alla Zusman found an interesting trick of how to beg and not to beg.

As the starting point, they resorted to the ancient method of all beggars: exploit pity. However, they realized that themselves they caused little pity. The pity could cause Altshuller (thanks to the myths cultivated for so many years). This pity could be transferred to the living members of his family. Why would not exploit such a transferred pity ? That was the idea behind the following advertisement of a new book by the above gentlemen posted in the August issue of the TRIZ-journal [1]:

"Matrix 2003." 140 pages (sic !). Published 2003 by CREAX, Ieper, Belgium. Price: $US 30 or 29 Euros. A portion of each sale will be donated to the Altshuller family !

In short, open your wallets for Altshuller (and us) ! What, have not we deserved it ? Look, there are 140 pages in the book. This is a voluminous work ! Altshuller has described his matrix just in a few pages. And we added many more !

Post Scriptum: For those who wants to donate money to Altshuller family directly, here is the address:

R E F E R E N C E:

1. "Introducing Matrix 2003 - New research and a new format for the popular TRIZ tool", By: Ellen Domb and Michael Slocum, The TRIZ-journal, August 2003.