Twenty thousands leagues across America in a rental car with unlimited mileage for $300 a week !

Suppose you would like to spend your vacation on a car trip across North America this summer. You would like to go everywhere: from Vancouver to Miami, from Montreal to San Diego. What can stop you from doing so ?

The cost of gas would not stop you. Even if the car consumes 5 gallons per 100 miles, you can make a 10,000 miles trip for less that $1000 for gas. It is pretty cheap ! Just compare with the airfare to only ONE destination: if you are a family of four, it would cost you more than $1000 !

The next obstacle is car itself. You would not like to get stuck in the middle of nowhere, would not you ? Especially if it is the wilderness of Arizona or Nevada. Thus, the car has to be new. However, even if you have one, you would not like to put 10,000 miles on your own new car just in a matter of a few weeks of your vacation. Thus, car has to be not yours !

By now you realize that the only option you have is to rent a car. But as soon as you call the rental companies, you learn that they would not rent you a car with unlimited mileage or would demand you to stay within a certain region .

What is to be done ? Here is a contradiction: you have to rent a car with unlimited mileage but you cannot do it because the rental companies cap the mileage or restrict your region of travel .

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