Life is better, life is merrier !

The number of articles published in the TRIZ-journal has recently increased from 7 articles a month (on average) a year ago to 9 articles a month (on average) this year. A whopping 29% growth ! As on Wall Street ! Wow ! The recovery is really underway !

Unfortunately, it is a senseless recovery. In the past some of TRIZ-journal articles made some sense. But now they border on delirium.

Take, for example, the article by Atsuko Ishida. Make head or tail of it, if you can !

Or take, for example, the news communicated by the journal that Vladimir Petrov writes a book on history of TRIZ. What can he write ? What does he know ? Vladimir Petrov the TRIZician we do not know; we believe he is like Ali Baba whom we do not know either, - as the Classic would say.

Nevertheless, "life is better, life is merrier !" (the same Classic.)