Ideas of Anti TRIZ-Journal Conquer the World !

Since this journal published the concept of solving technical contradictions not by uncoupling contradictory parameters but by cascading of compromises, it was noted that such a method is the favorite approach ... outside engineering. For example, this is how physicians solve technical contradictions. They prescribe, for example, a blood pressure medicine knowing in advance that it will likely cause side effects. When side effects materialize (say, swelling of limbs or kidney stones) they prescribe an additional medicine to cope with these side effects perfectly knowing that this medicine also has its own side effects. When new side effects manifest themselves, they prescribe the third medicine, etc. until all side effects are no more.

Policy makers also work the same trick pretty often. For example, everybody knew back in 2001 that lowering interest rates and relaxing lending policies will have side effects down the road: sky high home prices and a lot of delinquencies. But instead of resolving this contradiction policy makers decided to trade the future side effects for immediate economical gains. Now, when the side effects materialized, a new medicine is being sought to cope with them rather than going back and resolving the original contradictions. The new medicine tabled is interest rates freeze on mortgages (Bush) or forbidding foreclosures (Clinton). Side effects of this medicine is also not difficult to predict: who will pay for this ? Of course not those who do not pay now. They will be given an indulgence. An additional burden will likely be mounted onto those who pays (e.g. in the form of various fees increase). Besides for those who take mortgages now interest rates will likely be higher to offset loses due to interest rates freeze on loans given earlier.

The number of people that work hard will dwindle. The number of people that strive to live at the expense of society will swell. Who needs to work hard if it is penalized ?

But even this will not be enough. Given the magnitude of the current crisis the state will also have to contribute to sustain rates freeze, which means even bigger budget deficit and higher inflation than is already now.

When all these side effects materialize, the policy makers will start searching for new medicine to cope with them at the expense of other future side effects. Etc. The theorem mentioned in the afore mentioned base publication guarantees that the results will be the same as with treating patients.