Information noise and disinformation as the main feature (and objective ?) of the TRIZ-journal.

Indeed, take, for example, the very first article of the January 2004 issue of the journal [1]. The only TRIZ related information in the article consists of the following phrases:

  1. "Most of the time TRIZ and a toolbox of creative methods support the creation of innovative ideas and concepts." (page 3.)
  2. "TRIZ ... is used from the technical-specialist teams to help fulfill the technological requirements with ideas." (page 5.)
  3. "For the case that new ideas and concepts need to be developed, the technical-specialist teams use TRIZ to support the creation of innovative ideas and concpets. The advantages are:
    - faster and effective method to generate innovations,
    - toolbox of different methods for the different problems,
    - reduction of development risks and costs,
    - evaluation of future trends of technologies, and
    - generation of ideas in situations where practically all ways are blocked through patents from the competition." (page 7.)
  4. "Specifically MTU's success in innovation is based on ... TRIZ with a toolbox of methods to generate and evaluate innovative ideas" (page 7).

That is all. There is no proof whatsoever to these empty declarations. No example of how they actually solved any problem by TRIZ is provided. The rest of the article comprising 7 pages consists of the boring information on aircraft engines interleaved with the extolling of the MTU's successes.

Basically, the article has one goal in mind: to pitch MTU to potential customers. They probably do it at all possible venues. Since a venue of TRIZ has opened up, MTU decided to pitch itself at this venue too ! Some declarative TRIZ pharses were added to make it suitable for pitching MTU at the European TRIZ conference. And the TRIZ-journal disseminated this pitch worldwide ! To the detriment of both TRIZ and MTU competitors !

There are many "TRIZ" articles like this published by the TRIZ-journal over the years.

R E F E R E N C E S:

  1. Thomas Novacek, Dr. J. Sieber, Dr. E. Steinhardt, Dr. M. Welling, "Innovation Process As A Key To The Market Success In The Engine Manufacturing Business", The January 2004 issue of the TRIZ-journal.