The Long Overdue WATRIZ is Now Reality !

The Christmas of the last year was busy for representatives of TRIZ organizations from many countries which gathered in New York City to establish the World TRIZ Association (WATRIZ). At the historic plenary session on December 27, 2007 the representatives voted to create WATRIZ headquartered in New York. The delegates elected the Irish representative code-named Borat O'Mama its first president.

The main objective of the organization is declared to be fostering and directing TRIZ movement around the globe. In particular WATRIZ is going to start granting TRIZ certificates and diplomas which would have world wide recognition and acceptance.

In this regard, all previous certificates and diplomas issued by the infamous MATRIZ are annulled. Their holders are advised to re-apply to WATRIZ. In case certificates and diplomas were granted on merit they will be re-instated.

Some delegates voiced concerns that WATRIZ does not have a legitimate authority to annul certificates issued by its predecessor MATRIZ. In response the president elect O'Mama gave a fiery speech "Yes we can !" after which the resolution to annul MATRIZ certificates was passed unanimously.

To obtain the application kit for new certificates, degrees, and diplomas contact WATRIZ at General inquiries can be sent to

Happy New Year !