On a Forgotten Altshuller's Idea

Y. B. Karasik,
Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

When Altshuller developed his subsystem-system-supersystem approach, he applied it to TRIZ itself and started pondering of what could be a supersystem of TRIZ. The Theory of Development of Creative Personality (TRTL) is widely regarded nowadays as such a super-system. But in the late 1970s it was The Theory of Correct Thinking. In those years Altshuller claimed that teaching people to think correctly is more important than teaching them to invent. Ultimately, if one knows how to think correctly, then, according to Altshuller, he also knows how to invent. Theory of Correct Thinking seemed to him as a super-system of TRIZ in those days.

Unfortunately, he did not advance in this direction and nothing significant was published on the subject. That is why people continue to think incorrectly, and not ordinary people only, but inventors too. I receive letters to that effect regularly.

For example, one of the readers wrote: "Despite your effort, TRIZ has nevertheless spread !" Another reader hissed: "Triz is useful, TRIZ is useful !" The third declared: "You say 40 Principles are not applicable to Software Engineering ?! Ha ! And we will apply them !" Another eager to learn TRIZ gentleman asked: "In some articles you slam Altshuller and Rubin. But in others I do not understand you: are you against Jews or for them ?" Yet another reader covertly threatened: "What is your address, sir ?". And so on.

In this regard I would like to state the following: