Mission accomplished:
TRIZ-journal by mediocrity, for mediocrity, of mediocrity is no more

It has been reported that the company which publishes and owns TRIZ-journal went out of business. Some people may regret the demise of the journal, yet others may credit it with disseminating TRIZ knowledge. But the truth is that TRIZ-journal was a false beacon of TRIZ for English speakers. Its harms outweigh its virtues.

In this regard I recall a guy who claimed to become an inventor as a result of studying at AzOIIT after Altshuller was banned from it on the order from Moscow and after all its staff left in protest and new people were brought in to teach their own pet methods and not TRIZ. He claimed that such AzOIIT gave him wings and became part of his life. He could not stand its critics and viewed the attempts to close it down as attempts at his own life.

Well, everything is dual in the world and even harmful things may result in both bad and good. Should we stop fighting harm on this grounds ? The question is what is the ratio of useful to harmful in harmful things ?

Those who claim that they learned TRIZ from TRIZ-journal should be reminded of the deficiency of their education and of many more people that could not learn TRIZ from TRIZ-journal and developed allergy to TRIZ because of TRIZ-journal.

Downfall of false idols should never be regretted.