Competition: How to Best Expand the Old Wisdoms ?

Development of the Creative Imagination skills is an important part of TRIZ education. Unfortunately it was neglected in TRIZ publications. I cannot recollect a single new exercise published over the recent years. This article aims to start bridging this gap.

Here is an exercise which I propose. The Mishnah contains the following words of wisdom:

(Mishnah - Avot 5:13)

These wisdoms are not very modern. Nowadays "yours" and "mine" are not the only categories of property. There is also "communal" (or "common") property, governmental property, corporate property, etc. Hence, there is a potential for modernization of the above wisdoms to reflect the new realities.

Some people already tried to do this by creating a new slogan: "What is mine is mine, but what is yours is negotiable". But their effort was not systematic and ended with this slogan. (Probably they did not need more after the negotiations were completed.) Thus, there is a need to continue the effort from the point where it was left off.

It requires a hefty dose of imagination, though. Not all combinations seem to be valid. Here are some that seem to make sense:

The reader is encouraged to augment the list. Please give it to your students (if you teach TRIZ) and provide the journal with a feedback. The best ideas will be published !