What is next for TRIZ and ... Economy ?

It is well known that he who knows how to make real things makes them. He who does not know, teaches others to make them. He who does not know neither how to make nor teach, criticizes.

One of the trends of evolution of society (overlooked by TRIZ specialists, though) is that the share of people that know how to make things is shrinking, whereas the share of people that want to teach others to work or just simply criticize is expanding. This is the real cause of spreading TRIZ.

There are too many engineers that do not know how to do sound engineering or invent anything. They are striving to teach others instead. And TRIZ meets their needs. If it did not exist it would have had to be invented to feed these people.

However, the category of people that do not know neither how to make nor how to teach but only critisize is expanding the fastest. To feed these people TRIZ is already not enough. TGSC is required (which stands for Theory of Generating the Sellable Critique. Do not confuse it with Thoughts Guiding Systems Corporation, though ! The former is just a product of the latter in the making.)

That is why it is TGSC that is the next step for TRIZ rather than TDCP (which stands for Theory of Development of Creative Personality) as Altshuller thought. His mistake is rooted in not taking into account supply-and-demand. Contrary to his belief, the spread of TRIZ was caused not by its ability to solve problems but by its ability to satisfy the demand from good for nothing engineers turned consultants. But there is no demand for TDCP even from them. Whereas there is demand from those who only capable of criticizing. They need a tool that would enable them to make living too. The tool that would generate such a critique, which could be sold !

And this is really an untapped reserve of economy. Just imagine the size of the current army of disgruntled critics that produce and sell nothing. If suddenly their critiques become sellable, GDP will jump dramatically.

That is why TGSC embarked on developing such TGSCTM recently. Release of the first version is expected soon. Visit our "Products" section regularly !