What information is sorely missing in TRIZ literature

Recently I came across the following comments about Anti TRIZ-journal:

Indeed, how can one be against TRIZ-journal but not against TRIZ ?! Are not these two things synonymous ?!

This is how many people think. They assume that names reflect the essence of things. If it is called TRIZ-journal then it is about TRIZ and if it is called Anti TRIZ-journal then it is about anti-TRIZ. In reality it is the other way around and names often hide the essence of things.

TRIZ-journal was set up by people who neither knew nor understood TRIZ. They don't know and don't understand it (especially its philosophy) to this day. (Read my essay "On Contradiction Between the Spirit and the Letter of Anything" to see why.) That is why TRIZ-journal is full with dull lengthy articles of no TRIZ contents and value. In fact it is nothing else but anti-TRIZ journal.

How the real TRIZ-journal should look like ? It should not publish empty claims that so-and-so problem was solved by TRIZ. It should instead publish the step-by-step accounts of how solutions were arrived at with the help of ARIZ (or its sub-algorithms, such as SuField analysis or Standards). Such accounts are sorely missing in TRIZ-literature. Only Altshuller's books feature a few of them.

That is why all claims like "300 inventions were made at Samsung with the help of TRIZ" are hollow because the documented detailed step-by-step solution by ARIZ of the underlying problems are absent. They should not be composed after the fact by TRIZ-trainers and instructors. They should be the real-time records of how each and every step of the algorithm was executed on the way to a solution by those who really solved it. When I asked Valeri Souchkov who boasted that his students solved numerous problems during his training sessions if he has such records, he could not produce them. How can he claim then that solutions were obtained by TRIZ ? May be they were obtained by trials and errors ?

I call on all TRIZ trainers and consultants. Stop publishing books plagiarizing Altshuller's works ! Start publishing step-by-step TRIZ solutions of problems as they progressed in the reality (should you have such records, which I doubt) ! The benefits of such publications could be multi-fold:

  1. Firstly, they would allow people to really learn TRIZ as no TRIZ book does.
  2. Secondly, they would clearly show whether people indeed solve problems by TRIZ or rather by TRIZ-inspired trials and errors.
  3. Thirdly, they would reveal the weak points of TRIZ and would allow the researchers to correct them.

I am looking forward to your publications !