The failure of TRIZ training and consulting

This month Anti TRIZ-journal presents the article by Dr. S. Saleem Arshad, who has been involved in innovation research and applications since mid 1980's (after acquiring Masters and Ph.D. degree from Purdue University). Since 2004 he attended various workshops and lectures of various TRIZ experts, and read almost all books on TRIZ published in English. In the article Dr. Arshad gives the first credible account of what goes on at TRIZ training sessions and how the experts spin in an attempt to avoid answering tough questions.

In response Pentti Söderlin defended the quality of TRIZ training by the lead TRIZ experts. However Dr. Arshad is not alone who complains about the uselessness of their training. Recently I received yet another complain from an employee of the "Hong Kong Productivity Council":

The renowned TRIZ trainers and consultants fail to show "how-stuff-works". After training with them people are unable to apply TRIZ in their workplace. And Dr. Arshad explains why.

But his article is not limited to the first believable portrayal of TRIZ workshops, lectures and training sessions. It also reviews the larger issues in TRIZ, reflects on the quality of the contemporary TRIZ literature, articles in TRIZ-journal, etc. In all instances Dr. Arshad provides an interesting look at the current state of TRIZ from a novel prospective.

The suggestions of Dr. Arshad are worth pondering and taking into consideration. The Editor hopes that the readers will enjoy his article.