Why Does Altshuller Not Deserve Nobel Prize ?

October is the month when Nobel prize winners are announced. Why cannot Altshuller be one of them ? The answer is simple: Nobel prize is awarded to the living people only. Such a limitation has both pluses and minuses. Pluses: Greeks, Copernicus, Newton, and other great scientists of the past cannot be nominated. This makes the prize a stimulus of the present research rather than an instrument of glorifying the past. Unfortunately telling gold from copper sometimes requires time often exceeding the life span of an individual. That is why the list of Nobel laureates includes many forgotten names whose work was also forgotten due to its insignificance which became apparent in the course of time. On the other hand some great achievers did not make to the list due to the various circumstances which evaporated in the aftermath of their death.

Taking this into account, the Altshuller prize committee decided to not restrict awarding the prize to the living people only. It only set the limit of 50 years since a person death for his/her nomination. It also adopted a decision that only those heirs which were not detrimental to the laureate's work are entitled to receive his/her award.

The announcement of the Altshuller Prize Committee follows.