How the great march of the West to China helps TRIZ advancement

Recently I read about why oil prices are skyrocketing. It is, of course, China (and India) to blame ! Indeed, car manufacturers from Japan, US, Germany, etc. feverishly build plants in these countries in pursuit of higher revenues. As a result, the amount of cars over there is growing. The gas consumption is naturally going up too. And these countries have to buy more and more oil on the world markets. This is why oil prices are inching up.

Having read this explanation, I derived consequences of my own from it, not mentioned by its authors. Here they are. The higher world oil prices will inevitably result in inflation in the Western world, which will erase the revenue gains achieved from building plants in China and India. Unlike in TRIZ, in economy parameters may become self-contradictory due to the feedback processes !

It is only in TRIZ that contradictions take place between two parameters only: gain in one parameter results in loss in something else. Although in economy contradictions between two parameters are also widespread (for example, gain in revenue by building plants in China results in loss in technological edge due to inevitable technology transfer), self-contradictions due to the poorly understood feedback processes are much more important and difficult to foresee.

This gives us food for thought: is the TRIZ paradigm of technical contradiction flawless ? May be sometimes technological parameters also become self-contradictory ? Moreover, may be contradictory parameters sometimes cease to become contradictory as soon as one parameter reaches some threshold ?

For example, quality often conflicts with cost: the higher quality, the higher cost. But what if cost starts to decrease as soon as quality exceeds some level ? Such inter-relationships between parameters and based on them new approaches to resolving technical contradictions have not been investigated in TRIZ. But this is exactly what is being observed in the real life. The cost of microprocessors, for example, dropped every time when their quality reached some new threshold.

To find examples of technological parameters that become self-contradictory (as in economy) is more tricky but also possible. For example, if something is improved beyond a limit, it may suddenly become worse than previously.

Thus, the great march of the West to China is definitely very beneficial for the TRIZ thought ! Not sure about other areas, unfortunately.