MATRIZ and Altshuller's Law of Societies Evolution

Altshuller discovered many more laws of evolution than published. One of them was this:

This does not mean saying that students of 100% scientists are 100% crooks. This only means emphasizing to which degree students become crooks if their teacher was a crook albeit to a tiny degree. Probably scientists who are 0% crooks and 100% scientists are a special case and to them Altshuller's law is not applicable.

One may inquire what happens to students of those students. Will they revert to the state of being 95% scientists and 5% crooks as teachers of their teachers were ? Altshuller did not answer this question. But by taking a look at the evolution of the societies of his students, one can easily get a clue.

Consider, for example, MATRIZ (the self proclaimed International TRIZ Association headquartered in Russia that collects money from simpletons around the world for "granting" them TRIZ certificates). Initially it was comprised of his students at its helm. To which degree they were and still are crooks is beyond the scope of this article. But to replace them people have started coming, which are:

Thus, we can expand Altshuller's law of societies evolution as follows:

So, folks, beware MATRIZ. It has nothing to do with TRIZ and Altshuller. Do not buy their certificates. And avoid those who bought.