The Purpose of Anti TRIZ-journal is to Advance TRIZ and not to Discredit it or Replace by Rubbish of DeBono

A reader wrote me that since I don't like TRIZ I should switch to DeBono. I have to tell to all who think in a similar way that I dislike DeBono even more than I dislike TRIZ. Actually they are incomparable. Moreover, it would be fair to say that "before TRIZ, there was nothing" 1. And hence DeBono is nothing.

Although usefulness of TRIZ is far less than TRIZ-consultants portray it, DeBono is simply rubbish as compared to it. It is below the dignity of this journal to criticize DeBono. The purpose of this journal is to advance TRIZ mainly through its critique but not only. The journal published many serious TRIZ research papers.

Some readers expressed an opinion that it is very difficult to take these articles seriously because of the manner, in which they are written and because of the general alleged not seriousness of the journal. I understand this concern. Most people do not have sense of humor even if they aspire to learn TRIZ. For them only dull lengthy articles that TRIZ-journal publishes are serious. I only wonder if they can make tale or head of them.

Paradoxically as it may appear, there is nothing more serious than a good joke. Besides the journal does not publish jokes only. It publishes a fair amount of pretty serious papers. But I don't want to kill the TRIZ spirit by making the journal to look like any other scientific journal.

Altshuller never wrote his books as traditional scientific monographs. They more resembled popular science and science fiction. He hated abstruse language of common research papers and tried to make his theories understandable by anyone. His books included recollections, humor, controversy, etc. That is why the journal publishes all of them too. But even humorous articles are intended to provide food for thought, raise an issue, or say an unconventional truth. That is why all articles in the journal are serious and should be taken as such.

1 A paraphrase of John Lennon's "Before Elvis, there was nothing".