What articles TRIZ-Research journal would not publish

Since the demise of TRIZ-journal I started receiving articles typical of it. They are either on applications of TRIZ (quite dubious though), or on insignificant modifications of alterations of TRIZ by Zlotin, Souchkov, Mann, et al., or essays on the importance of technological progress and the role of TRIZ in its advancing, or just vague articles. This journal will not consider them.

To be considered, article has to present a new method of problem solving with a proof of its utility. It has to be structured as follows:

Philosophical and theoretical articles are also welcome. But it has to be a good and novel philosophy. Dull, boring, incoherent, and lengthy "theoretical" articles will not be accepted.

The Editorial Board is preparing the detailed guidelines for authors, which will be posted in the journal in the near future. For now the prospective authors should adhere to the above requirements to be considered as a draft of the guidelines.