The false formulae of ideality

Y. B. Karasik,
Thought Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

My recent critique [1] of the new formula of ideality [2] has reached its author Michael Slocum. In a recent article on the subject [3] he tried to dismiss my claim that the original formula of ideality

Ideality = (the sum of useful functions)/(the sum of harmful functions + cost)     (1)

was not devised by Altshuller and that no Altshuller book contained it.

In response to the above claim, Mr. Slocum wrote:"It is my understanding that the Ideality equation was developed by Altshuller ..." This understanding he hinged on the information received from Dr. M. Barkan in July 2003 [3].

I contacted Dr. Barkan and learned that the formula indeed was presented in a book by Altshuller, Zlotin, Zusman, Filatov published in 1989. However, taking into account Zlotin's claim that Altshuller stopped developing TRIZ in 1985, it is logically to assume that the real author of the formula was Zlotin.

However, Dr. Slocum missed the point of my critique. It does not matter who was the author of the formula. What matters is that both that formula and Slocum's formula are false. The original formula is false for the following reasons:

However, the most important point of my critique was completely missed by Dr. Slocum. Namely, that A11, A22, and A33 could be measured in different units. And as such their sum A11 + A22 + A33 may have no sense.

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