From maximalism to minimalism - the pattern of evolution

Y. B. Karasik,
Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

In the ancient times minimalism and half measures did not work. Carthage had to be destroyed because after every defeat it rose again and tried to destroy Rome. Muhammad had to destroy idols. Otherwise arabs would had never become true muslims. Spanyards had to destroy almost all books of Maya. Otherwise they would have never become devoted catholics. And indeed, when the remaining books of Maya were recently made public again the old and ugly pagan cult re-emerged amongst Maya.

But since then maximalism gave way to half measures and minimalism. Nobody destroyed Germany despite it resembled Carthage rising from defeats and threatening its victors over and over again. Better solutions were found.

Even in species survival of the fittest was replaced by survival of the weakest. Nowadays maximalism is an attribute of dark forces that drug us to the past.

All this is in line with TRIZ. It recommends replacing maxi-problem with mini-problem. With such a solid foundation minimalism is bound to prevail.