The Future of Physics and TRIZ

Y. B. Karasik,
Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

Webster defines evolution as a process of continuous gradual change from a lower, simpler, or worse to a higher, more complex, or better state. To which extend it has to be "higher, more complex, or better state" is not specified. The difference can be as small as possible and ultimately zero. In the latter case if something changes at all it is system's location only, and evolution, thereby, degenerates into kinematics/dynamics. Thus, generally, dynamics is nothing more than degenerate evolution. And the laws of dynamics are nothing more than a special case of the laws of evolution.

This observation breaks a new ground in research on general theory of evolution. So far people were trying to create such a theory through developing theories of particular systems evolution. Biological evolutionists were working on the theory of biological systems evolution. TRIZniks were working on the theory of technical systems evolution. Etc. It was thought that a general theory of evolution would have been achieved through generalization of these special theories. It never entered somebody's mind that the general theory of evolution can be created by generalizing the laws of ... dynamics/physics.

From now on two option are available for those who want to discover the general laws of evolution:

The second approach has that advantage that the laws of dynamics are at least known, whereas the laws of technical and biological systems evolution remains unknown despite TRIZniks and evolutionists harbour an illusion that they know them. (Anti TRIZ-journal published many articles dispelling such an illusion, by the way.)

Moreover, what is more probable ? That TRIZ will correct physics as follows:

or that physics will correct TRIZ as follows:
The gut feeling is that the latter scheme is more probable.

Future TRIZ will be created not through refinement of the current TRIZ and not through TRIZ "research" but by mathematicians and physicists as a by-product of generalizing the laws of dynamics into the general laws of evolution. The current TRIZ will have no impact on the future of science. It appears to be a dead leaf on the tree of scientific knowledge evolution.

The only question is how to generalize the laws of dynamics into the laws of evolution. But do you expect to find answer to this question here ? Do you ? Well, then you expect too much from the free journal on the internet !