The Most Dramatic Changes Which Office Spaceless Economy Will Entail

Y. B. Karasik,
Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

  1. Cities, big and small, will gradually disappear. People will populate all suitable areas uniformly. This process is underway already now. Those who can, run from cities to suburbs. But they still have to commute to the inner cities for working in their offices. With eliminating of office space, there will be no need to commute to the cities anymore. As a result people start settling farther and farther from the cities until they completely dissolve.

    Please note that this forecast is in a stark contrast to what futurists drew in the 1960s. Back then they claimed that in the future all population will be concentrated in a few mega cities. They simply extrapolated the processes taking place back then without anticipating emergence of new factors to affect population distribution.

    Futurology Lesson #1: The valididty of any future prediction is contingent upon two assumptions: that the current factors will continue to play in the future and that new unknown factors will not emerge. The length of this horizon is hard to evaluate.
    Futurology Lesson #2: To predict future correctly beyond the afore mentioned horizon one has to anticiapte the lifespan of the current factors as well as emergence of new ones.

  2. Nobody will get promotion and pay raise by treating managers anymore (e.g. by drinking with them, by playing golf with them, etc.etc.) simply because employees of office spaceless companies will mostly never meet each other. Thereby the Ideal Final Result (promotion based on the real contribution only) will be attained. Team building events will be remembered as stupid and supersticious acts of barbarity.

    (To be continued)