The role of guessing in TRIZ

Y. B. Karasik,
Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

TRIZ was supposed to replace guessing in problem solving. But due to its vagueness guessing is still necessary to figure out how to apply TRIZ. Execution of every step of ARIZ is a problem in itself. And, unfortunately, there is no ARIZ to solve this problem.

It appears that there should be a sequence of meta-ARIZes: ARIZ, meta-ARIZ, meta-meta-ARIZ, meta-meta-meta-ARIZ, etc. The purpose of ARIZ is to help solving ordinary problems, i.e. problems not related to how apply ARIZ. The purpose of meta-ARIZ has to be help solving problems of how to best execute ARIZ steps. The purpose of meta-meta-ARIZ has to be help solving problems of how to best execute steps of meta-ARIZ, etc. It is an open question whether this sequence could be made finite or not.

Creating meta-ARIZes has to begin with accumulating protocols of guessing (oh, sorry, brainstorming) sessions of how to properly execute a particular step of ARIZ when solving a specific problem. That is why I decided to create a special section in the journal, "Issues with Applying TRIZ", where readers could discuss problems of TRIZ application. In this way the protocols of the guessing/brainstorming sessions will be accumulated and used in creating meta-ARIZes.

The section opens up with the article by Alex Acosta, the young award winner inventor from Spain. It is followed by 2 suggestions on how to improve TRIZ. The readers are welcome to respond with suggestions of their own.

The Editor thanks everyone in advance and hopes that the readers will not let this initiative to wither on the vine.