Trees of evolution take roots in the heart of Nikolay Shpakovsky

Y. B. Karasik,
Thought Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

A legend has it that when a famous Russian emigrant (Vertinsky ?) came back to Russia, got off the train, put suitcases on the ground, threw up his hands in the air, and exclaimed: "I recognize you, mother Russia !" - at this very moment thieves swiped away his suitcases.

In the age of Internet, emigrants need not go back to Russia to have the afore mentioned pleasure. For example, one year has not elapsed yet since Anti TRIZ-journal presented a concept of trees of evolution , as Nikolay Shpakovsky has already published e-book on it !

As a saying goes: "What is mine ? It is somebody's else's, about which I wrote a book !"

There are many other techniques of the kind:

In most cases, however, such people do not understand in-depth the concepts they borrow, and adopt just superfluous portion (or their terminology) only. For example, by trees of evolution I meant formulating laws of evolution in the form of trees of possibilities, rather than in the form of lines of evolution. Shpakovsky, on the contrary, does not speak of laws but simply squeezes all variations of a particular system into a tree and calls it tree of evolution (of this system, I guess). The form is borrowed without its contents !

However, the damage is done. It is like planting weeds around a fruit bearing plant to suppress its growth. How to cope with this is an open legal challenge.