Tourette Syndrome of Howard Smith

Y. B. Karasik,
Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

Tourette syndrome is an abnormal verbal behavior when a person cannot refrain from involuntarily uttering certain words or expressions. For example, many people nowadays cannot refrain from saying word TRIZ in season and out of season. Howard Smith is one of them. Whatever topic he writes on, he inserts word TRIZ regularly. He calls this process TRIZing.

Howard Smith TRIZes everything: from primitive concepts of Barry Johnson to abstruse theories of Clayton Christensen . "The world is awash with business theory,"- he intimates, - "Take it, TRIZ it, and its value is amplified a thousand fold."

Until he started TRIZing physicians thought that patients suffering from Tourette syndrome cannot refrain from exclaiming obscene words and expressions only. But now they know that there are benign and intelligent forms of this disease.

Medical science should be thankful to Dr. Smith and TRIZ for revealing this new type of Tourette syndrome. I propose to call it Tourette-Smith syndrome of TRIZing and all who suffer from it TRIZies.