All so far modifications of ARIZ had many steps asking "what ? when ? why ? how?" etc. but providing no algorithms to answer them. It was assumed that answers to these seemingly simple questions would be unique and easily identified by the problem solver. Unfortunately, it turned out not to be the case. That is why algorithmic means of answering these questions have to be incorporated into ARIZ to raise its level of algorithmicity.

Traditionally, development of procedures to answer such questions belongs to the scope of Root Cause Analysis (RCA). That is why there is a need to incorporate RCA into those steps of ARIZ, which ask them.

It does not mean that the existing RCA procedures have to be incorporated. They should not, because the level of their algorithmicity is lower than that of ARIZ. The new RCA procedures (algorithms, and software) have to be developed first.

Thoughts Guiding Systems Corporation embarked on developing highly sophisticated and highly algorithmical means of RCA more than 10 years ago. The time has come to incorporate them into ARIZ. The first result is ARIZ-2011a, a draft fragment of which is presented in this issue of the journal.