Is TRIZ a religion ?

Y. B. Karasik,
Thought Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada

Amongst the numerous tools of TRIZ, there is an operator SDC (stands for "Size, Duration, Cost"). Its purpose is to ultimately increase/decrease some parameters/components of a system in hope that it will clarify the situation and help solving a problem. The name originates from its initial version, when just size, duration, and cost of a system were permitted to change. However, in the course of time other parameters/components were also incorporated, but the name stuck.

When I read Genady Filkovsky's essay, I could not get rid of an impression that it was a product of applying SDC to TRIZ itself. Indeed, the contemporary TRIZ has many components. No doubt, religious is one of them. Because Altshuller did not mind to create a religion. However, blowing the religious component out of proportion, in my opinion, would not be helpful.

In support of his view, Genady Filkovsky cites the following traits of the TRIZ community: intolerance, prophet, apostles, institution, recruitment of children, etc. Well, one can find them in any scientific community too:

Some perhaps will agree with Genady Filkovsky's arguments. But some will definitely not.