Is TRIZ the Right Solution to the Right Problem at the Right Time ?

TRIZ (as well as other methods of boosting creativity) assumes that natural human creativity is not enough. But even Altshuller eventually realized that it is not true. Once he complained: "I completely agree with the principle: "From each according to his utmost ability, to each according to his work". But is everyone placed into the position in which it is possible to take from him according to his utmost ability ? And is the reward always according to his work ?"

The fact is that most people are not placed into positions where they can realize their utmost potential. And at the same time some people are placed into highly demanding positions for which they do not have sufficient abilities. This mismatch between people's abilities and the requirements of the positions they occupy is a bigger hurdle to innovation than the lack of the methods of boosting creativity.

Whose creativity to boost ? Those who are not talented enough to do his job ? Is it not better to replace him by the real talent rather than call "talent" talent ?

The problem of proper placement of people according to their utmost abilities is much more important than the problem of creating the means of boosting creativity of those who are not in their profession.