TRIZ-Research Journal

(Vol. 14, No. 1)

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Sponsor: Thoughts Guiding Systems Corporation Editor-in-Chief: Yevgeny B. Karasik, Ph.D.

AIMS AND SCOPE: The recent years witnessed spreading of TRIZ around the globe. It had been created by generations of enthusiasts rallying around G.S. Altshuller since the 1950s till 1980s and aiming to lay down the foundation of a new science. However, in the 1980s the enthusiasts and the real TRIZ scientists were pushed away by people rushing to reap the commercial profit from as yet not mature discipline. Not surprisingly, therefore, that to English speaking world TRIZ came as a commercial enterprise (not very successful, however). As a result, TRIZ research died.

The purpose of this journal is to resurrect TRIZ-research. All real TRIZniks are invited to contribute. (Read the policies of the journal first, however.)

The journal will accept articles presenting new methods of problem solving in any field of human activity. Proof of the effectiveness of a proposed method is a must.


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