The Shamefaced Mouse From the Red Village

Y. B. Karasik
Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

The first TRIZ mouse we are going to catch is called Valeri Krasnoslobodtsev (which literally means "Valeri from the red village"). For some reason the last name "from the red village" seemed to him to be inappropriate for the US and he shamefacedly changed it to "Kraev" (which means "residing on the edge"). By doing so he placed himself at the edge of the pack of TRIZ mice and thereby made himself an easy prey for Anti-TRIZ cats.

Seriously, his paper is ridiculous. It is devoted to the following problem. The vacuum suction feet of a robot work well on surfaces without cracks. If there are cracks, suction does not work well. What is to be done ? Any person which is not a complete idiot and does not know TRIZ would immediately find the answer: cracks have to be filled in (or covered) before robot is used. But TRIZ experts always choose a round about way. They embark on a long journey of applying TRIZ to the problem to eventually come to the same obvious solution.

The only advantage of such an approach is that it gives rise to a long "scientific" article (describing the journey) suitable for publication in the TRIZ-journal.

Who said that "knowledge is power" ?! The knowledge of TRIZ seems to make the brains of some people quite powerless !