Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2011 16:32:24 +0100
Subject: Humor

Dear Yevgeny,

In Sept Dr. Arshad wrote: "Till recently, we were fortunate to have 3 monthly resources in TRIZ, namely the TRIZ-Journal, your Anti TRIZ-Journal, and Professor Toru Nakagawa's TRIZ Homepage in Japan. Each has performed valuable service to TRIZ in a slightly unique way."

This mail makes me think about a joke that you certainly know:

"There is no IZVESTIA in the PRAVDA. There is no PRAVDA in the IZVESTIA."
(There is no NEWS in the TRUTH. There is no TRUTH in the NEWS.)

Today, many TRIZ publications are similar to both soviet newspapers and S. Saleem Arshad is right to congratulate you for your "TRIZ-Research journal"

Based upon what we know from your previous publications it will contain both Truth and News


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