May 18, 2010

Dear Mr. Karasik,

Thank you for your very interesting contribution to a sound understanding of TRIZ. The last article published in your journal should help to think differently about how systematic creative thinking may be taught and used.

I had not so much time available to make similar experiences as Mr. Arshad. However, I'm not sure he is right about the very essence of what is the "apparent lack of success of TRIZ". To my own understanding, five misconceptions about how to stimulate creativity may be at the origin of this result:

  1. Misconception #1: creative thinking can be managed in brainstorming sessions:
  2. Misconception #2: creative thinking is all about heuristics:
  3. Misconception #3: software, the magic tool...:
  4. Misconception #4: TRIZ = breakthrough ideas:
  5. Misconception #5: consultant = expert....:

Other errors could be surely mentioned here. Why not go deeper and look for opportunities? .... Or do you think there is an ultimate reference (even in Russian only)?

Kind regards,

Claude Meylan,
CM Consulting (,