Dear Mr. Yevgeny Karasik,

I would like to thank you for your interest to my paper published at November issue of TRIZ Journal and your participation with comment "Shamefaced mouse from the Red Village" published at your webpage. I also appreciate your shortest elucidation to my paper topic and extended explanation regarding my family name :-)

Let me tell you a few words additionally to assist you a little with this material.

In your comment you told that TRIZ experts embark on the long journey of applying TRIZ to the problem to eventually come to the same obvious solution: cracks have to be filled in (or covered) before robot is used.

I might have agreed with you if the paper would propose only this solution. But it is not best and only one solution analyzed. And the paper clear tells about this specific design: "In fact, conceptually we are solving our physical problem but practically of course, this proposal cannot satisfy us. We may evaluate this solution concept as a 'warm-up' for other, stronger concepts of solution". Then paper proposes other five developed solutions for solving indicated problem those are non-obvious and they are patented. Please, read it again :-)

Yes, you are right with my family name. It is too long and too inconvenient for pronunciation and use at the US. That’s why I have to apply my short pseudonym "Kraev" which one uses only first three and last two letters from my original "Krasnoslobodtsev". The middle part of my long family name is omitted. Of course, “Kraev” is more convenient and simpler for use :-)

I believe this explanation will be helpful. Please let me know if you have other questions or discomfort regarding discussed topic.


Valery Krasnoslobodtsev (Kraev)
TRIZ Technology Officer
Technical Innovation Center