Dear Y.B. Karasik,

Thank you for your valuable comment in web site.

My name is Hyo June Kim. I work at SAMSUNG.

I agree your opinion sincerely and frankly. I already expected such an evaluation will happen.

But I want to give you some another information. I hope it will be valuable to you.

  1. SAMSUNG is a group of many companies, like Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Construction, Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electro-mechanics, SDI etc. This time’s article was submitted from SAIT, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology. Leniachine, MiJung and me also work at SAIT. Although your mention about “SAMSUNG” name is not wrong, but also does not right 100%. I hope you use the name “SAIT” instead of “SAMSUNG”. Of course, the explanation for SAIT must be exist; SAMSUNG Group’s Central Research Center, SAMSUNG Advanced Institute of Technology.
  2. That article was written mainly by MiJung. She just borrow his name in my opinion. Maybe, 80% was done by MiJung. Just 18% was done by Leniachine and another 2% was done by another guys. But the main logic was build by MiJung. As you know (I guess), such a MiJung’s opinion is not wrong 100%, also is not right absolutely. Such an opinion can be possible. That cannot be evaluated as general process, of course. But sometimes, or at some special case, it can be helpful. So Leniachine just added his some another valuable comment in this article, although he could not say objection. Please believe my words. I really respect him as good Russian TRIZ specialist. I ask you to use expression like “The author”, or “MiJung” instead of “Leniachine”. MiJung just borrowed the famous(?) honor and name of Leniachine. If you want to know the degree of knowledge about TRIZ of Leniachine, you can ask Nikolai Khomenko, who live now in Toronto or Ikovenko, Rubin, Mitrofanov etc. I really hope to keep Leniachine’s honor. He is really good man who follow the Altshuller’s will faithfully.
  3. In SAMSUNG, there are many Russian experts and Korean employee who use TRIZ for real problem solving. Of course, they have many valuable various philosophies about TRIZ. Please understand and consider it. Please understand the variety. Please don’t evaluate SAMSUNG by just one woman’s un-matured paper. She is just very active TRIZ person whose experience is lack, now just 2 year. Please just focus to Author.

I hope this letter will be helpful for you and us. If you know Leniachine the more better, keeping the honor of Leniachine is also good for us. Below I attach my opinion about similar topic. Please understand the variety opinion in SAMSUNG. I sent it this year September to Japan Mitsubish company for the answer of their question “How to define the problem”.

The article of TRIZ-journal was written mainly by MiJung. Leniachine does not agree 100%, and complained it but it was not reflected. Leniachine is just short-term employee, and MiJung is his small boss. So Leniachine’s situation is not good and cannot say “no” directly to MiJung and MiJung use his name and honor. Although I am the boss of MiJung and Leniachine, but MiJung does not follow my thought about TRIZ. She is more older and has PH.D degree proudly.

I hope good relationship between you and SAMSUNG. We are always welcome. I can introduce me as the real person who spread TRIZ at SAMSUNG from 2000 year.

I hope continuous e-mail discussion for long time.

I respect your courage for truth. You are absolutely right.

Have nice fall.

Best regards,

Hyo June Kim