From:xyzhou82 <>
Sent:December 19, 2008 1:33:59 AM
Subject:Some questions about Anti TRIZ-Journal and TRIZ

Dear Mr. Karasik:

I am a student in China and I am learning TRIZ at present. Recently, I visited your Anti TRIZ-Journal which I considered as a very interesting journal. You are one of the most honest and most clever scholars (rather than "experts") on TRIZ that I have ever met! As a matter of fact, even in my opinion - in a TRIZ pupil's opinion - some of (if not most of) the papers published in TRIZ-Journal are trivial. However, I have no idea about how to evaluate those papers and how to learn the primitive/original TRIZ completely. So would you please send me your tutorials of TRIZ and the articles entitled "The logic of inventors' thinking" and "The mathematical principles of the theory of heuristic methods"? Moreover, how can I buy your articles which are not free to download from The Anti TRIZ-Journal? And what literature could I read in order to get the detail information of the latest research on the formalization/mathematical-analysis of TRIZ? Thank you very much and best wishes for you!

Sincerely yours

Xian-yong Zhou