From:Yevgeny Karasik (
Sent:January 15, 2009 4:09:55 PM
Subject:Continuation of discussion in Business Week

Hi Valeri,

I have a few questions to you which are too extensive to be asked through Business Week. So, I would appreaciate if you could answer them.

  1. what is the patent # on the idea of flexible surgcial tool consisting of many micro-segments (if any) ?
  2. if not, do you know how this tool is supposed to work ?
  3. Your description of the problem in BW is incomplete. What kind of surgery is it ? What were the prototypes ?
  4. Was the problem solved during training course or after ?
  5. Is there any evidence that it was solved by TRIZ ? (Is there documented step-by-step execution of ARIZ or any other TRIZ procedure ?)

Thanks a lot in advance,