On modelling Pavel Livotov with "little smart people"

Y. B. Karasik,
Thought Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

The article by Pavel Livotov [1] attracted my attention. I was intrigued to learn what he meant by modelling 40 principles with "little smart people".

The first three sections of the article, however, turned out to have nothing to do with the topic. They extolled the longevity of 40 principles, the magic of contradiction matrix, etc.

When eventually I got to the fourth section devoted to "little smart people", my heart started beating faster. I expected the curtain to be finally lifted and the drama of modelling 40 principles with "little smart people" to begin. I quickly read through the first uninformative paragraphs of the section and clicked "the next page" button on my PDF files viewer expecting the drama to begin on the next page. Surprisingly, the list of references appeared instead. The article ended having had no time to actually begin !

I returned to the previous page and re-read the fourth section. It shed no light on the modelling but simply stated that the modelling was accomplished by TriSolver and integrated into its new software product ! That was all !

The TRIZ-journal simply posted an advertisement of a TriSolver product disguised as a TRIZ article ! I believe that Mr. Livotov simply duped the editors of the TRIZ-journal who probably did not read his paper thoroughly. He is definitely smart but a little person !

R E F E R E N C E:

1. Pavel Livotov, "Modelling 40 Innovation Principles with "Moving Little People", The July 2003 issue of the TRIZ-journal.