Mouse the Encyclopedist From Bristol

Y. B. Karasik
Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

Darrell Mann differs from the rest of the TRIZ mice in that he changes direction frequently. He is tirelessly trying to explore new markets and find new niches for TRIZ application. What is the area that he has not touched yet ? TRIZ in mechanical engineering [1], TRIZ in biology [2], TRIZ in management [3], TRIZ in software engineering [4], TRIZ in toilet improvement [5], TRIZ in music composing [6], and now TRIZ in architecture [7] to name just a few !

Besides he demonstrates political prowess by launching a campaign: "The most knowledgeable about TRIZ are the least well suited to help promote it !" [8]. I would not be surprised to see such a skillful dialectician a member of the British Parliament one day. He just need to start campaigning under the slogan: "The most knowledgeable in politics are the least well suited to rule Britain !" (which might well be true, and not for Britain only).