A New Type of Separation Principles

Y. B. Karasik,
Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

All so far known separation principles resolve contradictions "X has to satisfy requirement Y & has to not satisfy requirement Y (or satisfy requirement anti-Y)" as follows: X satisfies requirement Y under circumstances Z and does not satisfy requirement Y (or satisfy requirement anti-Y) under circumstances anti-Z. For example separation in space means that while object X is in area Z it has property Y, whereas in other areas it does not have it.

However, a principally different approach to separation exists. It is when X satisfies requirement Y and Z satisfies requirement anti-Y. Please note that in both approaches Z is not mentioned in contradiction itself and has to be figured out by the problem solver.

Engineering examples of such separation principles are proprietary information of Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp. But non-engineering examples can be made public. Below is one of them.

Consider the administrative problem of assigning the right people to the right jobs. Specifically, the problem of recruiting the right personnel for an organization. Currently it is done very simple. Companies hire and fire personnel en mass. (Until 6-7 years ago they hired and fired mostly employees. But after the waves of downsizing not so many employees left to which this trick can be applied and the companies switched to contractors. Now they are the personnel which is hired and fired en mass.)

With the help of such a "trial and error" approach management in many cases is able to eventually match the challenges with talent. But the cost of such trials and errors is high. Projects get delayed not to mention wasting money on trying personnel which is not up to the task. What needs to be done ?

Let's apply ARIZ to solve this problem, specifically ARIZ-71v as its best version.