The Emperor's new clothes

(a TRIZ version of the Andersen's tale)

Y. B. Karasik
Thought Guiding Systems Inc.
Ottawa, Canada

Brian Campbell decided to play the role of a fool in Shakespearean tradegy. A few month ago he asked a question: "If TRIZ is such a good idea, why isn't everyone using it ?" [1]. Now he is asking what is the purpose of the contradiction matrix if it just reduces the number of options from 40 to 4 [2]. Not a big deal to try all 40 (if any of them would work !)

It is a risky business on the part of Brian. Because the so called TRIZ community is rather a club of crooks than a King's court. His "naive" questions may cost him dearly. He was already labeled "pupil" by a prominent creator at "Oxford Creativity" Karen Gadd [3]. This is just a beginning. Shut up, Brian ! Listen to the mentors ! Otherwise ....

It is interesting, however, that Brian Campbell figured out the very same drawbacks of the contradiction matrix, which forced Altshuller to abandone it. His time would have been spared if there were a course on the evolution of TRIZ concepts and the driving forces behind this evolution.

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