Review of the January 2003 issue of the TRIZ-journal

This month the TRIZ-journal presents two peculiar articles. One is a saga by Nikolay Shpakovsky et al. about how they came about the idea of writing GENERATOR as GNRTR [1]. The second one is a short opus by Darrell Mann [2].

In the times immemorial Hebrews invented a method of writing down words by omitting vowels. 20,000 years have not elapsed yet but Nikolay Shpakovsky re-invented the method! Instead of GENERATOR he wrote GNRTR. An ingenious idea and extremely novel one! His way from GENERATOR to GNRTR was as lengthy as that of Moses from Egypt to Canaan. So, congratulations to Shpakovsky on completing it in less than 40 years ! We wish him further successes in his career.

Darrell Mann started the year with a not less impressive achivement. He eventually wrote a short and clear article. What does this say to us ? That he is probably close to the end of his TRIZ evolution. Indeed, the complexity of technical systems, he argues, is low in the beginning of evolution, increases in the middle, and drops again towards the end. The same holds for articles as indicators of a TRIZnik's evolution. Darrell Mann's articles were extremely complex and convoluted until recently. The appearance of a short article is a clear sign that his TRIZ career is approaching a branching point (or a transition point to somewhere (to super-system ?)). We wish Darrell a speedy transition and to disappear from our horizon !

The rest of the issue of the TRIZ-journal consists of the lengthy and dull acrticles presenting dubious results of no importance. We wish they do harm to no one.

R E F E R E N C E S:

1. Nikolay Shpakovsky et al., "Using TRIZ to Create an Internet Address for the “GENERATOR” Website", the January 2003 issue of the TRIZ-journal.

2. Darrell Mann, "Complexity Increases And Then ...(Darrell Mann disappears - Y.K.)", the January 2003 issue of the TRIZ-journal.