The articles published in the TRIZ-journal generally fall into the following categories:

  1. "We came across TRIZ, we liked it, and we are applying it in our activities (no details provided). Hip Hip Hurrah !";
  2. Procrustean bed of TRIZ: a solution found without TRIZ is retroactively fitted into TRIZ schemes.
  3. The 1001th retelling of what TRIZ is about; These retellings can, in their turn, be subdivided into "pedantic English", "elegant French", "ponderous German", etc;
  4. Combination of TRIZ with a rubbish from the garbage heap of history;
  5. odd articles;
  6. other.

In the March issue of the TRIZ-journal we have: one "Hip Hip Hurrah" article by R. De Guio; one "ponderous German" retelling of TRIZ by Arthur Loebmann, one article of the "Procrustean bed of TRIZ" type by Lopez et al., one odd article by Ian Care, and two "other" articles by Larry Ball and Vladimir Petrov, which deserve a separate consideration. We are going to provide the analysis of these two articles shortly.