On the April Fools' day, the so-called TRIZ-journal revealed that in the recent months the number of the visitors to its web site suddenly jumped from 6000/month to 25000/month. Without a shadow of a doubt (as befits to the April Fools), the journal attributed the increase in their readership to its ever growing popularity. It did not cross the mind of the journal's editors that the real reason of the increase was my Anti TRIZ-journal. They did not know that numerous people around the globe visit my home page daily. And as soon as I started Anti TRIZ-journal on my web site, all these people naturally started taking a look at TRIZ-journal too.

But let the people at TRIZ-journal do not flatter themselves. Increase in the number of their visitors will bring them no benefits. On the contrary, the more people know who they are - the sooner they will be exorcised.

As for the contents of the current issue of TRIZ-journal, it is as usually very dull and appalling. Dr. Rodney King presented a very abstruse article. Prof. Darell Mann et al. presented a very childish article. Mr. Graham Rawlison et al. presented a fisherman's tale. And the Professional Engineers from the United States of Mexico Edgardo Cordova Lopez et al. revealed their practical experience in how to retroactively fit any invention into TRIZ schemes.

The only sane voice in the TRIZ-journal's desert was that of Brian Campbell: "If TRIZ is such a good idea, why isn't everyone using it ?" We found it deserving our separate consideration.