What do TRIZ, telepathy, and the Tungus meteorite have in common

Y. B. Karasik

Thought Guiding Systems Inc.
Ottawa, Canada
e-mail: karasik@sympatico.ca

TRIZ is bad, it has not brought about any great invention, all of its corner stones are dubious, etc. etc. Many people tried to show this. Their arguments were unrefutable. And they succeeded in detracting some people from TRIZ, sometimes many people. But like the dragon heads, in place of the one cut down, three new appeared instead. The number of people flocking to TRIZ was growing day by day around the globe in spite of the effort of the critics of TRIZ.

Why does TRIZ attract so many people despite it does not fulfill its promises ? The answer is that because it is not a science as yet, but a pseudo-science.

XX century left a legacy: an army of the highly educated derelicts. Tremendous number of people went through universities. But a tiny portion of them became successful inventors or scientists. The overwhelming majority did not succeed in the clear waters of the real science. And then instinct drew them to the murky waters of pseudo-science. Thereby, the contradiction "I want to be a scientist but the science does not want me" turned out to be resolved.

In the 1960s, the educated derelicts, sometimes wealthy and sometimes even holding academic positions at universities, went to telepathy, to the search for Big Foot, to the expeditions to the area of "the fall" of the Tungus meteorite, etc etc. In the course of time, these topics went out of fashion. In this respect, TRIZ came right on time to take over.

Moreover, as a pseudo-science, it is many levels higher than telepahy and the likes. As Darrell Mann noticed, it contains numerous riches, elaborated and convoluted theories such as SuField analysis, which looks very much like science at the first sight. In the history of mankind, there was just one pseudo-science that came close to the elaboration of TRIZ. It was Freud's psycho-analysis. But TRIZ has beaten all records. That is why it has the highest chances of evolving into a real science.

What needs to be done to facilitate this transition, is to get rid of the TRIZ-commerce spirit of Invetion Machine, Ideation International, the TRIZ-journal, CREAX, and the likes, aiming at just making money of TRIZ and which became an obstacle to the TRIZ evolution. All real TRIZniks are called to the task !