The ideal machine is a machine that consumes no space, no energy, no other resources but nevertheless does the job. Despite paying lip service to this concept very frequently, the authors of the TRIZ-journal seem to not entirely understand it. Otherwise they would have realized that the ideal article is an artcile which also consumes no space but nevetheless presents a sound idea. Their articles are far from being ideal. Too long, too many words, and too vague ideas (if any).

It seems that the art of speaking long, confusingly, and in a florid style is still revered as a sign of cleverness amongst the new TRIZ converts. They still cannot part with their pagan (i.e. not TRIZ) past. And may be simply do not understand that the essence of TRIZ approach to writing is to be concise as much as possible and even more concise.

Every month I have to squeeze through the jungles of the TRIZ-journal articles. And as usual in jungles, I meet colorful creatures on my way. Look, here is Prof. Darrell Mann hid behind the lianas of his convoluted opuses ready to strike you with the "Evolutionary Potential". And here is turncoat Vladimir Petrov applies his dialectical skills of the negation of negation to surviving in the ever changing environment. And here is another Prof. Tam Runhua listening to some voices. And here is Robert Orlean preaching that "The reason why TRIZ is hard to sell is that you are selling TRIZ". What can I tell ? Stop selling, start buying ! From "Thought Guiding Systems Corporation" !