We all are under the cap of Dr. Slockum, the American Intelligence officer, - TRIZ-journal let out a secret today [1]. I suspected this long time ago.

It all began with my letter to the editor of the journal Ellen Domb back in 2000 regarding the history of TRIZ. Although the letter clearly indicated that I was a member of Altshuller's research group, Ms. Domb did not ask me to submit something about my TRIZ results to her journal. Instead, she asked me whether or not I had access to the TRIZ materials in Russia and if so would I be able to translate them into English and submit to the journal.

Initially, I attributed this strange request to her sheer idiotism. She did not ask me, an author of TRIZ, to write something! She requested me to collect and translate the big Russian secrets about TRIZ that Russians hide deep in Russia and do not show to the West ! Oh, these Russians !

I nearly lost my temper and wished to reply her that Russians and TRIZ are things incompatible. That TRIZ was created by poor Jews kicked and punched by the Russian officialdom and by many Russians themselve. But then I thought that I might be accused in the Jewish nationalism. And what if Ms. Domb's predisposition to Russians stems from her anti-semitism ? Having thought this over again, I decided not to reply.

But in the course of time, I received similar requests from other people related to TRIZ-journal and this triggered my suspicion that the interest in the "big Russian TRIZ secrets" goes beyond sheer idiotism. Today, TRIZ-journal put the cards on the table. Today we learned that its chief editor, Michael Slocum, belongs to the American Intelligence.

Poor job, Mr. Slockum ! Were it up to me, I would have kicked you out of the Intelligence lest bigger blunders happen.

As for the contents of the September issue of the TRIZ-journal, its signal/noise ratio is, as usually, extremely low. Actually, all articles contribute to the information noise rather than present a useful TRIZ information. May be it is a standard practice of any Intelligence enterprise ? Who knows ?


  1. M. S. Slocum, "TRIZ and the deconstruction of the major world philosophies", TRIZ-journal, September 2002. (the article contains the following info about Mr. Slocum: "Michael S. Slocum, K.O.St.I., Ph.D. Vice President of Science and Engineering With over 14 years of research and development experience at ITT Space and Special Projects and the U.S. Army Military Intelligence, Dr. Michael Slocum has become an expert in Problem Solving, Research and Development, Engineering, and Quality. In Dr. Slocum's career, he has worked on the TITAN missile, SeaWolf submarine, Trident submarine, International Space Station, and numerous satellite programs. Most recently, Dr. Slocum served as Principal and Chief Scientist of The Inventioneering Company where he specialized in solving previously intractable technical problems. Dr. Slocum studied at the U.S. Army Intelligence School and Trinity College where he earned his Ph.D. in Physics. He currently is an Adjunct Professor at North Carolina State University where he teaches a graduate course on the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. Dr. Slocum is an editor of the TRIZ Journal ( Dr. Slocum is a member of the ETRIA Global Coordination Group, the New Technology Review Panel of the NFPA, Sigma Xi, IFT, SPE, New York Academy of Sciences, ASM, the American Physical Society, American Chemical Society, and several other relevant professional societies. Dr. Slocum was recently knighted in recognition of his contributions to science and society.")