Review of the April 2003 issue of the TRIZ-journal

For some reason, the editors of the TRIZ-journal have not updated the title page of their journal yet. Although today is April the 2nd, it still reads: "Welcome to the March 2003 issue of the TRIZ-journal !" What else would you expect from (April) fools ? However, should one click on "Articles" button, as the April issue pops up !

It starts with the desperate wail by Ellen Domb:"TRIZ is applicable everywhere !" [1] Well, we can understand her: engineers do not buy her "TRIZ" anymore and she is looking for new markets.

After Domb's wail, King's delirium follows [2]. We leave it to psychiatrists to decode.

Pentti Soderlin's "thoughts" [3] give us some amusement before we engage the British champion of TRIZ Darrell Mann [4], who we cannot stand.

The issue is concluded by Rilke's poem of XIX century submitted by Andre de Zanger [5]. He recognized in the poem all of TRIZ ! How much alcohol he took before that, is not specified.

On our part, we also recognized the nature of the TRIZ-journal authors in the famous verses by Krilov:

Whatever way, my friends, you sit,
To be musicians you are not fit !


Whatever way, my friends, you sit,
To be TRIZicians you also are not fit !

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