Paradoxes of TRIZ web sites ranking by Google and Yahoo

Had one googled up word TRIZ in 2002, he would have found "Anti TRZI-journal" on the 4th page of the search results. In 2003 it was demoted to the 8th page, then to the 16th, where it stayed till 2008. Suddenly in spring 2008 "Anti TRIZ-journal" started rapidly climbing in the Google's ranking of TRIZ web sites. By July 2008 it was already on the second page and in August 2008 it made it to the first page ! It stayed there till November and then suddenly dropped to the 24th page, where it stays till now. Apparently somebody did not like to see "Anti TRIZ-journal" on the first page of the Google's search results and the deeply secret Google's ranking formula was changed.

A similar evolution happened with Yahoo search results with one distinction. After dropping to the 20+th page last fall, "Anti TRIZ" journal was then re-instated by Yahoo as a top TRIZ web site. Yahoo Canada ( rates it as the 3rd most important TRIZ web site on the net:

Nevertheless, Yahoo US still places it on the 22nd page of the search results.

However, if one googles up "anti triz" then "Anti TRIZ-journal" pops-up first ! Apparently people at Google think like Jason from the discussion in "Business Week": anti TRIZ-journal equals anti-TRIZ journal.

The inability of many readers to correlate the content of this journal with TRIZ is astonishing. Even in its critique, "Anti TRIZ-journal" is rather pro-TRIZ than against it. It might be against some articles in "TRIZ-journal" but definitely not against TRIZ. Moreover, the journal is for advancing TRIZ through its critique rather than for its discrediting. This is clearly stated in the title page of the journal.

Nevertheless, the editor recently received a letter branding this journal as a journal devoted to discrediting false sciences. The author of the letter wished to publish an article in the journal, where the very TRIZ was called a false science. The Editor explained to him that TRIZ might be a pseudo science as yet but definitely not a false science. Although "pseudo" indeed means "false" in Greek, there is a distinction between pseudoscience and false science. The former is something not completely scientific, which has a chance to be improved and become scientific, whereas the latter is completely false (such as astrology, for example) and has no chance of evolving into a science.

Then another letter came suggesting renaming the journal as "Anti TRIZ-journal Journal (or Magazine or Bulletin)" to make it clear that it is not against TRIZ. The Editor believes that there is no point in doing so. Recall that in TRIZ "anti system" means a system that performs the opposite function. The function of "TRIZ-journal" appears to be disseminating TRIZ junk, papers that have nothing to do with TRIZ, and at times the real anti-TRIZ. Its editors appears to be ignorant of the basics of the TRIZ philosophy. This journal, conversely, disseminates TRIZ and its very spirit. That is why calling it "Anti TRIZ-journal" is appropriate and is in accord with TRIZ terminology.