The Policies of the Journal
(subject to updating)

Article I:

  1. The authors have to submit to the Journal manuscripts, which were not published elsewhere.
  2. Copyright of the accepted article remains with the author. Nevertheless, the author obligates not to agree to publication of the article elsewhere, unless it is mentioned in the new publication that the article was first published in the Anti TRIZ-journal, and reference to its web site is provided.
  3. Notwithstanding the above, the authors that view Anti TRIZ-journal as a temporary means of publication are advised to go elsewhere right away.

Article II:

  1. The Editor does not promise not to share with the world what you write to him.
  2. Request to not publish correspondence after you submitted it, is not binding on the Editor.
  3. If you want your correspondence to be not published, either do not write to the Journal, or obtain in advance a promise from the Editor that correspondence will be kept secret.
  4. Be aware that this promise can be revoked if the author of the letters obtained it in order to write harassing or insulting letters to the Editor. The authors should not act in bad faith when requesting their letters to be not published.
  5. In short: by submitting letters to the Editor, author agrees to their publication in the journal (on the Editor's discretion and without further notice) unless the author obtained in advance a promise from the Editor that the author's correspondence would be kept confidential and did not use this promise for writing threatening/insulting/slandering letters to the Editor.