Poverty of Darrell Mann's Ideas

Y. B. Karasik,
Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

An ingenious idea crossed Darrell Mann's mind: ARIZ is flawn because does not mimic how unaided brain solves problems [1]. Thoughts of unaided brain go back and forth while solving problem but ARIZ is a linear procedure. This makes ARIZ irrelevant, according to Darrell Mann.

Well, he is not quite right. ARIZ has a couple of loops and is not completely a linear procedure. But wings of a plane also do not move up and down as wings of birds. Does it mean that planes cannot fly ? Or that they fly worse than birds ?

Steam engine does not have legs. Does it mean that it cannot move ? Or that it moves worse than animals ?

Had Darrell Mann ever read Altshuller books he would have learned that creating machines (and algorithms) that mimic how humans do things is not always the right way to go. But Darrell Mann has great contempt for Altshuller and does not want neither read his books nor cite them but only plagiarize. Instead he has high opinion of brains, especially his own !