The Warming up Questions to Mr. Kraev

Y. B. Karasik
Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

In November 2005 TRIZ-journal published a paper on climbing robots by Valery Kraev et al. The inventions described in the paper were claimed to be found by TRIZ. However the first several of them seemed to be rather trivial and not requiring any TRIZ tools to arrive at. (Click here for details.) In December 2005 I pointed it out in my response to Mr. Kraev.

Soon thereafter, I received the following rebuttal from him:

I have to admit that I indeed did not read his article to the end. After encountering 5 trivial and dubious solutions in a row allegedly found by TRIZ I simply stopped reading and did not proceed to the 6th, 7th, etc. solutions. However, heeding to Mr. Kraev's plea, I embarked on reading solution #6.

The following questions immediately entered my mind:

  1. If springs 4 (in figure 15 in the paper) are removed, will the foot work better or worse, and why ?
  2. Bernoulli law is only applicable to laminar flows. Is the flow around disk 7 laminar everywhere ? Are not there turbulence on the other side of the disk ?
  3. Suppose that there are no neither springs 4 nor rods 5 nor cylinders 6. Suppose that disk 7 is weightless and initially lies on the glass surface. Suppose that the pump is off in the beginning and the pressure in the foot and outside is the same. The pump starts working. What will happen to the disk then ? Will it start pressing stronger against the glass surface or will it start moving towards orifice 3 ?
  4. If pressure behind disk 7 is higher than in front of it, then why does air flow from the area in the front of disk 7 (where pressure is lower) towards the area behind it (where pressure is higher) ?

So far I received no answer to these questions from Mr. Kraev despite he committed himself to discussion of the matter. I respectfully request Mr. Kraev to expedite his response.